SMART control for your loft conversion windows

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This year Jon Pritchard’s loft conversion customers have been choosing the new VELUX Active control for their roof windows. From a provider point-of-view we are really happy with the system and have been excited to see how straightforward it is to install. It’s great to have new and improved products to offer our Bristol loft […]

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Choosing Velux windows – loft conversion and home improvement

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When you’re looking at Velux windows for your new loft conversion or any area of your home, the first thing you need to do is imagine what each room or space will feel like when the conversion is complete or the new window installed.  This will help you to think about how to best bring light […]

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Loft Conversion Types Explained

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Up to 30% of a home’s potential space is located in the attic – converting this into living space will make a huge difference to the feel, and size, of your home. A professional loft conversion can also add significant value to your property – in fact it can add more than 20% to the […]

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How to make the most of your views

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Does your house have hidden views? A property with a view, whether in the city or the countryside, gives the place an edge. Whether you work at home and a view will brighten your day at the office, or just love the idea of looking out over it all while you relax in bed or […]

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Loft Conversions with Balconies: An Overview

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In stark contrast to recent years, it’s been a cracking summer of hot, sunny, unusually rain-free weather, what with the UK experiencing a sweltering heatwave from mid-July onwards. We all love a bit of sun, and so too do retailers because with a heatwave comes increased consumer demand for ice cream, barbecues, fans and garden […]

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“My Loft Conversion is Too Hot” and Other Issues when Loft Conversions Go Wrong

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In recently aired episodes of long running Manchester-based soap opera Coronation Street, the lovable but somewhat doltish character Tyrone Dobbs was offered an attractive “mates rates” loft conversion deal by local builder Jason Grimshaw. Although Grimshaw’s intentions were sound, his scheming business partners decided that they were unhappy with the profit margin they stood to make […]

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