10 great reasons to have your loft converted in Bristol

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10 great reasons to have your loft converted in Bristol

There are definitely many more than ten excellent reasons to extend your home by investing in a loft conversion.  These ten are really the core reasons for converting your loft – all others stem from here!

Do comment and let us know if you think we’ve missed anything vital!


1. Increased Living Space / Comfort

Converting your loft into a usable space creates a significant amount of additional living space, which can be used as an extra bedroom, home office, gym or even a playroom for children. You can also incorporate insulation, soundproofing, and ventilation, creating a comfortable living space that is perfect for all seasons.

2. Add Value to Your Property

A loft conversion increases the value of your property by up to a whopping 20%, making it a great investment for the future.  Great things to include to maximise your investment are an extra bathroom or shower room, built-in and  stylish loft storage spaces and high quality roof windows, fixture and fittings.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

Loft conversions are nearly always a very cost-effective solution compared to moving house. Think about the cost and stress of moving home, and ake a look at our blog post covering this subject in more detail.

4. Utilise Wasted Space

Many homeowners in Bristol have unused attic spaces, which can be converted into valuable living spaces to meet their needs. In 2023, since the government’s reaction to the Covid 19 pandemic, a home office is one of the most searched-for features when people are moving house.

By converting your loft you can easily include a home office in the attic, or free up space elsewhere in the house where you can fit a study. Home-working and hybrid is a common working preference in Bristol and by adding a dedicated home office in your property you’re also adding to it’s saleability when the time comes.

5. Enhanced Natural Light

Loft conversions are typically installed with large windows and skylights, allowing natural light to flood the space and create a bright and airy atmosphere. A juliet balcony and double doors, or a Velux roof window that converts into a balcony, makes the most of your views of Bristol city or the surrounding area.

6. Unique Design Opportunity

Loft conversions offer a unique design opportunity, allowing you to create a custom space tailored to your needs and style preferences. We all know Bristol is a very stylish city, and adding your own stamp on your home is a fantastic way to make a statement and exercise those creative juices!

7. No Need for Planning Permission

All of Jon Pritchard’s Bristol loft conversions are carried out under permitted development rights, without the need for planning permission, making it a quick and hassle-free option.

8. Energy-Efficient

Jon Pritchard will always discuss the energy-efficiency of your loft conversion. Doing it right helps to reduce heating bills and carbon footprint. Talk to us about the best insulation for your home.

9. Increased Privacy

Converting your loft is the perfect way to provide a private space away from the main living areas of the house. This can be invaluable as busy parents, or for growing teens and students.

The ensuite at the rear.

10. Future-Proof Your Home

Converting your loft is the ideal way to future-proof your home, by providing extra space that can be adapted to meet changing needs over time. Growing children, aging parents, babies arriving, a new pet or three, etc!

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