The Hidden Costs of Moving – Reasons to Convert Your Loft

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Converting your loft is a decision with more than one level!  That’s why Jon Pritchard’s tag line is

Helping You Move Up

We want to help you plan why and how to convert your loft, including design, functionality, liveability, durability and value.

Why not just move house?

So you want or need more living space. Why not ‘just’ move house? Isn’t that easier than going through the hassle of having construction in your home?

Perhaps it’s been a while since you moved home and you’ve forgotten what it involved!
Moving home is a huge undertaking involving a lot of time and expense for things which, once you’ve moved, you no longer ‘see’. Let’s take a look at some of the hidden costs associated with moving house. This helps to get the cost and upheaval of a loft conversion in perspective.
stairs leading up to a bright Jon Pritchard loft conversion in Bristol UK

It takes TIME to move house

  • Time to find a new home – remember how long that took last time?!
  • Time to sell your own home including keeping it neat and tidy for viewings, being in for viewings – or making sure you are out!
  • Answering questions from potential buyers.
  • Time to find a good, affordable moving company.
  • Time to pack up the house, or supervise packers.
  • Time to clean / organise cleaners / ensure the job is well done.
  • Time off work to move.
  • Time to organise your new home.
  • And then the inevitable time to fix all those little things, or even big things, that need doing in your new home, manage painting and decorating etc.

Moving home is expensive

All this time has a cost – your time has a price doesn’t it? This along with the additional financial outlay to pay for boxes, packing materials, packing service, moving, the deposit, stamp duty etc etc.

Think about how the money spent on extending your current home into the loft is investing in your current property versus all the ‘invisible’ and unknown costs of moving house we’ve already looked at.

Over your head and Overwhelming

If you’ve lived in your home a long time, your loft might be full of things like suitcases, Christmas decorations, that box of old photos you’re going to sort out, old school books, kids’ toys that have sentimental value. You’re not a hoarder – it’s just those things that gradually mount up in our lives.

cluttered loft prior to loft conversion

Thinking about having to sort through all those items, work out what to do with them and where the things you want to keep might go if you convert your loft can feel like an overwhelming challenge.

New loft, new & better storage

Fear not. Our customers often tell us how that sort out wasn’t so bad after all. How nice it was to finally look through the old albums, revisit the toys their kids had loved when younger and pass some of them onto new, grateful and needy homes.

Plus all the lofts we convert have storage space included in the design.  This is your chance to organise your things and store them in a more suitable space that’s set up to be easily accessible – no more climbing the ladder and hoping you don’t put a foot through the bedroom ceiling!

Storage in your new loft conversion is something Jon Pritchard are really good at.  You’re going to love how refreshed and organised you feel in your new top floor.

Levelling Up Your Property Investment

Jon Pritchard’s tag line is ‘Helping You Move Up’ – referring to all the ways a loft conversion elevates your life.

We’ve covered ‘time’, ‘expense’, ‘more space’, ‘more organised’.  Let’s return to the money side of things for a moment.

Adding more space to your home, especially if you include another bathroom or shower room in your loft conversion, is an investment in your house. And your house is very likely your largest financial asset.

Chic, tidy loft conversion bathroom by Jon Pritchard, Bristol, UK featuring double-width walk-in shower, classic navy blue brick tiling and white walls with a parquet floor.

Since the lockdowns we suffered, having a home office is also a much-desired feature in the housing market and will add value to your home and increase buyer interest. By converting your loft from empty void into useful and attractive living space, you have the option to include an office either up in the loft, or by freeing up space elsewhere in your home.

A well-built, well-appointed loft conversion can add 10 – 20% to the value of your house.  Loft conversions have always been one of the best value home improvements you can undertake, and since the government restrictions during the Covid 19 outbreak of 2020-2022, it has become by far the best investment.

Levelling Up Your Lifestyle

Having a top floor with natural light, amazing and stylish modern VELUX® roof windows, views and frankly just chic style, feels great!

Wide loft conversion bedroom with exposed brick feature wall and large VELUX roof window balcony with view

You’ll never regret it when you go upstairs and see more stairs going up again to that airy new top floor you’ve just moved up into.

Whether you intend to sell your home one day or stay there into your old age – your loft conversion will always be something you’re pleased you did.

Jon Pritchard have completed hundreds of loft conversions in Bristol and the surrounding area. We are adept at making the best use of every bit of space, have standard processes, procedures and plans that we follow from the moment you get in touch to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten, and we offer great deals on quality bathroomware and carpets.