10 Reasons to choose Electric Radiators for your Loft Conversion

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Electric radiators are the ideal heating solution for your loft conversion. Safety, easy installation, speedy heating and zoned control are just a few of the benefits of electric radiators versus plumbed-in water-filled ones in your new top floor. 10 Benefits of Electric Radiators in your Loft Conversion 1. Easy Installation Particularly in a new loft […]

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Balancing your central heating – How To

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What is ‘balancing the heating’? If the radiators in your home or work place aren’t heating up at the same time and to the expected temperature, it’s likely that your heating system needs balancing. Balancing heating means levelling the water flow  so that each radiator receives an equal flow – or the flow required to […]

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Boilers: ErP and SEDBUK energy ratings

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In line with the UK Government’s commitment to reduce the UK’s energy consumption and harmful carbon dioxide emissions, a new Building Legislation was put into place stating that all new and replacement boilers fitted after 1st April 2005 must be condensing boilers where gas and oil is used. They must also have a SEDBUK* (Seasonal Efficiency […]

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Effective Heating Control

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Jon Pritchard believe that choosing the right controls is almost as important as choosing the right boiler. The right controls will keep your home at the perfect temperature and save energy – saving you money on your heating bills and reducing your carbon footprint. This article gives you an overview of what you need to […]

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“My Loft Conversion is Too Hot” and Other Issues when Loft Conversions Go Wrong

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In recently aired episodes of long running Manchester-based soap opera Coronation Street, the lovable but somewhat doltish character Tyrone Dobbs was offered an attractive “mates rates” loft conversion deal by local builder Jason Grimshaw. Although Grimshaw’s intentions were sound, his scheming business partners decided that they were unhappy with the profit margin they stood to make […]

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