Keeping Your Loft Conversion Cool This Summer

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Summer is a-comin’ in and there can be days, or even weeks if we’re lucky, when instead of being preoccupied about keeping the heat in our homes, we want to keep it out!

Read on for some advice on keeping your loft conversion cool this Bristol summer.


As with everything, prevention is better than a cure. At Jon Pritchard Ltd we pay attention to insulating well when we build our loft conversions. This benefits you in the winter by keeping heat in, and in summer a well-insulated roof will help keep heat out.  It also saves money on fans and air conditioning.

Close windows and blinds to keep the sun out. It’s absolutely worth setting an alarm to remind yourself to do this, not only in your loft conversion. Keeping the heat of the day out of the house makes an enormous difference. And as well as keeping your house cool, it protects sun damage to carpets, rugs and other fixtures and fittings in your home.

Talking of windows, double or triple glazing are essential for good heat management in your loft conversion.


Heat rises, so any heat coming into your home from large windows downstairs, for example, will naturally work its way upwards in your home – to the loft.  Couple that with the sunlight burning down on your roof and your loft conversion rooms could get very warm. However, think twice before opening windows and check whether the air  temperature outside is hotter than inside. I can be better to open windows early and late in the day but leave them closed during the hottest hours. In fact, when it’s cool enough to open the blinds and curtains it’s usually also the right time to also open the windows and let some air circulate through your home.

Roof Colour

Darker roofs absorb more heat, which obviously means a hotter loft conversion. If you plan to renew your roof during your loft conversion project, think about choosing a lighter tile if you are able to.

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