How to make the most of your views

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Does your house have hidden views? A property with a view, whether in the city or the countryside, gives the place an edge. Whether you work at home and a view will brighten your day at the office, or just love the idea of looking out over it all while you relax in bed or in a bath, making the most of the views from your home is one of the many up-sides to a loft conversion.

Showing off the view from your home will also mean it’s worth more on the housing market when it comes time to sell. And it doesn’t have to be a heart-stopping view across the countryside or city! Once you get up high even seemingly small things like a view of the local church or playing fields, the nearby allotments – or even just local gardens, can give your home a greater sense of openness and space.  So if your roof space doesn’t currently take advantage of the great panoramas around you, a loft conversion might be a great way to bring out its best side.

Dormer windows are a popular feature in many loft conversions, and they can really open up a view. If you have a loft space with potential, but which is currently dark and underused, getting expert advice on adding dormers could transform your property.

Dormers work equally well on a flat wall or a sloping roof, allowing you to get a view where it would not have been previously possible. A dormer could even work in a small flat where space is at a premium. Some homes, such as Victorian Terraces, are better suited to flat roofed dormers, while semi-detached and detached homes usually benefit from pitched roofed dormers.

Be prepared to consider creative solutions to unusually shaped spaces in your loft, such as bench seats with storage underneath, quirky shaped built-in cupboards and shelves in ‘difficult’ spots – they’ll make the most of every bit of space you have and give you slick, chic-looking rooms at the end of the day.  Window seats are another feature to encourage you to enjoy your new views, too!

If you don’t want to build your roof out with dormers, you can still achieve a spacious and attractive loft conversion using Velux windows. There are more options for Velux style windows than you might be aware of – window technology has come a long way and you can even opt for things like the Velux Cabrio Balcony – a Velux window that opens to become a mini balcony.

Loft conversion in Bristol with Velux window view

A well-placed Velux window can also make use of views, as well as adding light and air to your new loft


A loft conversion needs to be handled sensitively to blend in with the existing surroundings and using an architect or a company with years of experience in loft conversions is the best way forward.  They can advise you, with proper authority, on what will work best for your home.

Whether you want to improve an existing loft conversion, or plan a completely new one, considering how to make the most of any available views is an important part of your planning and designing process.


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