A place for everything – built-in storage in your Loft Conversion

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Lofts can have some interesting ceiling slopes, nooks and crannies – you might wonder what you can do with them and how best to incorporate them into your loft design. The answer – storage!

Jon Pritchard can help you with ideas and expertise to create built-in wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, handy recesses and other custom storage for your new living space.

Start with what you need and want. Think about the kinds of rooms you’re going to create, what you will do in them – will you be reading in the bath, enjoying a drink in the top floor living room, studying in the office?

Don’t worry about where your built-in cupboards and shelves might fit, what they might look like just yet, simply start with what you’d ideally like. At your first design meeting let your designer know your thoughts so that they have it in mind from the get go. There are all sorts of ways to use the spaces in lofts, or to create space for storage.

A dressing room

A partition wall creates a walk-in-wardrobe / dressing room under the eaves.


Jon Pritchard’s builders and carpenters will help you create the custom storage you need in the space you have.


Freestanding chests of drawers combined with eaves storage and built-in hanging for plenty of wardrobe!


Adding a partition wall created a practical, semi-hidden walk-in wardrobe for his-and-her clothes and accessories.

Book shelves and a built-in-wardrobe

This student hideaway included a fixed bed head to create a subtle and practical divide between the bedroom and study area behind. Built-in shelves use the space in a practical and attractive way.

A subtle divider – the headboard for the bed has been built to separate the working area from the bed, without compromising space.


A private study bedroom for the student in the family


Opposite the shelving, Jon Pritchard created a built-in wardrobe.


More built-in wardrobes

In this home, the loft includes a double bedroom with ensuite. A passage from the bedroom, past the ensuite to the landing, was created with full sized built-in wardrobes all along.

A dressing room and ensuite.

Here our designer created a custom built-in wardrobe space with cupboards facing each other either side of the VELUX window.


Three heights, three uses.

Custom-fit doors for your space.

Each cupboard under the eaves is fitted internally for different uses and lots of great storage.


A simple solution

The owner of this rental property chose to include simple, full-height built-in cupboards. Features like storage are important in the rental market and can help attract good tenants.


No space wasted – Smaller eaves storage

Even if you don’t want full-sized wardrobes or book shelves, your eaves space comes in handy for hiding away Christmas decorations, suitcases and sleeping bags until they’re needed. Simple, symmetrical doors make access easy and attractive. We insulate the space, and the rear of the doors, to ensure you stay warm.


Nooks and crannies


A shelf in the stairwell, recessed display spaces and handy shelves in the bathroom create some custom storage and creatively use every space available.


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