Add value to your home with a second bathroom

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According to the folks who compile and monitor Nationwide’s monthly House Price Index, adding a bathroom increases the value of your home by an average of 5%.

However, that’s only if you don’t create an extra bathroom at the expense of another important room, such as a spare bedroom. There’s an old estate agency adage, which says that if you get your kitchen and bathroom right, you’ll not only add value -you’ll never have a problem selling your home.

Ninety percent of people who have their lofts converted add a bathroom, wetroom or ensuite shower room to their newly-created space. Where previously they stored old bike frames, discarded microwave ovens and boxes of items deemed likely to ‘come in handy’ (they never do) in cobweb-strewn attics, beautiful bijoux loft shower rooms are created, or even luxury bathrooms enjoying an uninterrupted view.  How is your loft working for you?!

Add value to your home with a second bathroom

Loft conversion bathroom with a luxury double width shower

Benefits of adding another bathroom to your home

There are multiple benefits to adding an extra bathroom to your home:  Privacy for the grown-ups in a busy family – imagine indulging in a peaceful soak at the end of a busy week;  a haven for guests; another loo to send the children to when there’s a queue.

By having your extra bathroom as part of a loft conversion, you could also open the door to an extra income stream with a floor you can rent out through airbnb or a similar website. And of course, there’s the added value to your home when it comes time to sell.

Future Proofing

Couples considering starting a family can ‘future-proof’ their homes by adding a bathroom in their converted loft. Such an investment has several benefits – one of which is financial – but preparing for a new arrival by completing the building work and installations beforehand is a particularly good idea for those keen on reducing stress levels when a small person is demanding a nappy change or another feed. Getting rid of the builders in advance makes good sense.

Of course, as families grow, the benefits of having that extra bathroom in the loft becomes increasingly apparent.

A Loft Bathroom

A loft conversion is the perfect place to fit your new extra bathroom, be it a small ensuite shower room or luxury bathroom. Provided your loft is professionally converted in order that the structure is improved and strengthened to legal requirement – almost anything is possible.

Consider how big you want your extra bathroom to be – find ideas on the internet and ask your loft conversion specialists for ideas. They’ll know best how you can use the area available to come up with a creative and beautiful bathroom, however big or small.

freestanding bath in a loft conversion bathroom, alternative is a wet room shower room for a luxury look in a smaller space

A bath with a view of the sky for end-of-the week night time soaks.

Heating your new bathroom

Heating a newly-converted loft is often a concern. Loft bathrooms can be fitted with their own independent underfloor heating system that warms bathroom floor tiles, as well as the entire bathroom, to a set temperature. Radiant heating is economic, controllable and, because it’s invisible, it is an ideal space-saving option.

It’s worth investing in fittings that look good and last. Where space is a concern, reduced-depth fitted furniture and wall hung cabinets, loos and basins offer ideal solutions, maximising the bathroom space without the need to compromise on functionality. You might like to ask about fitted cupboards – custom built cupboards are a great way to make use of some of the odd-shaped spaces you might find in a loft conversion bathroom.

The increase to your property value from adding a second, or even third bathroom, is only one of the benefits.  Your immediate lifestyle improvements are hard to put a price on – be it a place to retreat to, being able to open your home to more friends and family or even improve your family’s income. Whatever your motivation, investing in an extra bathroom will certainly pay dividends.

Get in touch with Jon Pritchard to find out more about adding a bathroom to your home. As well as our expertise in creating loft bathrooms, we offer high quality bathroomware at outstanding prices too.

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