Keep it convenient – a loft conversion that works for you

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A fantastic tip when you’re renovating any part of your home, or even simply having a Spring clean and tidy, or reorganising, is to take a few minutes to really think about what you do in each room and each part of your home.

If you love to grab a book to read while you wait for the spaghetti to cook in the kitchen – save yourself a bit of hassle and add a small bookshelf in the kitchen.

If you fix broken items at your desk – make sure you store the tape and glue nearby.

Love a snack in the bath? Keep a space in a bathroom cupboard for a packet of your favourite crisps and a bowl!

It’s easy to move into a house and find somewhere, anywhere, for everything, and never actually take time to put things in a place that makes sense and makes life easier.

Everything the way you want it

With a new loft conversion you have the chance to have everything the way you want it.

It’s standard to add a bedroom or two, and a shower or bathroom. But what are you actually pining for in your life?

If it’s a cosy reading nook – how can you make the loft work so you can have that? And what else will you want as you settle into your giant beanbag with a new novel?  A hot chocolate? Cold glass of white? Maybe you’d like a small kitchen area, or even just room for a few mugs, a kettle, a mini sink and a bar fridge.

Check out our Loft Conversion Ideas & Inspirations Pinterest board for ideas, including furniture and all-in-one mini kitchens.

Remember sofa beds too. There are brilliant designs including corner sofas with storage underneath for bedding, which convert within seconds to comfortable double beds, or stylish smaller chairs that flip out to become singles.

Enjoy a cuppa in your new loft – think aboput fitting in a mini kitchen, or at least space for a kettle and few mugs.

From good to great

Jon Pritchard’s bathrooms range includes fitted, freestanding and wall hung furniture. Consider storage for fresh towels and cleaning items.

Your loft isn’t just more space, it’s an upgrade to your lifestyle. A bit of thought and a little list-making can help take it from good to great.

Jon Pritchard’s experience partner design team can help you take your ideas and desires and turn them into a loft conversion that will upgrade your home, and improve your lifestyle.