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Jon Pritchard price ourselves on our trustworthiness. It’s a word lots of our happy Bristol area customers use in the reviews they leave on our Which? Trusted Traders site.  Our customers value our honesty, and that includes us talking to you about some of the possible knock-on effects converting your loft may have in your home – aside from giving you a whole lot more space!

With your loft conversion comes plenty of extra insulation, which means your loft will be warmer once converted than when it was an empty void – as you’d expect! But the laws of thermodynamics mean you do still need to install radiators or some kind of heat source in your new loft. Read this article for a ‘Joe Bloggs’ friendly explanation of what happens to heat in your home.

In this article we’re going to look at the things you may need to do to ensure that the  your new loft gets its fair share of heat and that you’re warm and cosy throughout your home.

Extending your central heating

By far the easiest and most efficient way to heat your new loft is to add radiators to your loft conversion, connected to your existing central heating system.  There are a few things you may well need to do to make sure your extended system works properly:

Re-balancing your central heating system

By adding radiators in your loft it’s likely that you’ll need to re-balance your central heating system to get an equal distribution of heat throughout the house, including heat to the loft. This is relatively easy to do if you’re DIY-minded, or you can employ a heating engineer to do it for you.

Rebalancing your system includes bleeding radiators - click our link to find out the full process

Rebalancing your system includes bleeding radiators – click our link to find out the full process

Turn up your thermostat

Depending on the location of your boiler you may also find you need to tweak the main thermostat on your boiler up a little to give you heating system enough ‘oomph’ to push heat up to your new loft conversion. That might mean you also want to turn individual radiator thermostats down in the lower parts of the house.

Improve the system

Sometimes the fact is that the house’s existing boiler can’t cope with the extra demands of the added radiators. Often this is when the existing boiler is old. If you have a combination boiler and have added an ensuite or bathroom you may also find that a different boiler will serve you better now you have multiple bathrooms.  Jon Pritchard have a trusted recommendation for plumbing and heating who can offer sound advice and a reasonable quote to sort out any problems, or recommend a new boiler.  If your existing boiler is old, a new one can be a benefit to the whole house, as well as often being more efficient, sleeker and with better, more up to date controls.

Choosing the right boiler:

The articles below give good advice on how to choose a new boiler.  You might find this article helpful in considering your boiler in relation to a loft conversion in particular.



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