Chic, Petite, Ensuite !

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Smaller lofts require smaller bathrooms. Well, let’s be honest – there might not be room for an actual bath! But that doesn’t mean you can’t fit a small, bright and delightful shower room in your loft conversion.


Grid image of four 3D floor plans for terraced loft conversions, each including a bedroom and a shower room, with built-in storage

These floorplans are from four of our terraced loft conversions, each including a small ensuite or shower room.

Jon Pritchard and our designer have lots of experience fitting smaller shower rooms into smaller lofts. About 95% of our customers choose to add an ensuite or bathroom as part of their loft conversion – which gives us plenty of practice!

Creative choices for loft ensuites

We recently started to supply a wide range of high quality bathroomware and tiles, because so many of our loft conversion customers were asking our advice and wanted help with their loft ensuite choices.  Included in our range are curved styles that work especially well in smaller spaces, including more petite ranges too.

Grid of four 3D images showing arial views of terraced loft conversion ensuite bathrooms

These 3D illustrations give our customers a real sense of how the layout and bathroomware choices they are considering will work in their space.

Wetroom showers are ideal for loft ensuites too – no shower tray means more head height, which can be at a premium up in the roof!


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Embracing Nooks and Crannies

In a small loft bathrooms nooks and crannies are treasure! In fact, we often create them in cavity wall voids to add shelves and storage spaces, or even a recess for your basin.


On average another bathroom adds 5% to your property value. So if you think you’d like to create a loft ensuite or loft bathroom, but you’re not sure if you have the space – just ask!  That’s what we’re here for.


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