Reduce your carbon footprint and SAVE this winter

By Jon Pritchard In Energy Saving 1 Comment

One degree saves millions If every home in the UK turned down their thermostat by one degree, collectively we could save £705 million a year on energy bills We’d also drastically reduce our carbon footprint, saving as much carbon dioxide as taking more than a million cars off the road. This goes for the heat to […]

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Increase your space & energy efficiency at the same time

By Jon Pritchard In Home improvement 2 Comments

UPDATED: 7/1/20   Extra bedrooms and more storage space are the key reasons most people consider a loft conversion or other home improvements. It’s also a great time to think about energy conservation and winter proofing, which can improve your whole home. Property energy ratings increasingly affect sale price, and the difference in price between low and high energy […]

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