Lead work – skills we are proud to show

By Naomi Madelin In Home improvement, Loft conversion exteriors No comments

Lead details/flashings are integral to the weather tightness of a roof and lead work skills are a vital part of securing the outside of your new loft conversion. At Jon Pritchard we leave nothing to chance and have produced some wonderful lead work on our loft conversion projects.

What is lead on the roof for?

The main use of lead on roofs is to stop rainwater from entering where there are joins and junctions including chimney stacks, parapet walls and skylights. It also has decorative uses, particularly on some older buildings.

Lead expands and contracts as weather conditions change, and detailing needs to allow for this to prevent stresses forming in the lead sheet. This takes care and expertise to get right.

Isn’t lead toxic?

Lead is not toxic to homeowners when used on the roof.  It remains the most efficient and effective way to waterproof roof joints.
Lead is, however, cumulatively toxic. That’s why people working with it follow strict guidelines. and why we no longer have water pipes made from lead!

Environmentally friendly

Lead can last up to 500 years, and is 100% recyclable.  More than 95% of lead used in the building industry today has been recycled. In fact three million tons of lead is recycled  every year. Synthetic substitutes that aren’t as recyclable just don’t last as long as lead.
Lead is the perfect option for creating a long term, weather resistant barrier for your roof. At Jon Pritchard lofts we take every part of your conversion seriously, and pride in our work. We’re proud to give you a great finish inside and out – whether you can see it or not.