Jon Pritchard Bathrooms in Terraced Loft Conversion

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We recently completed this terraced Bristol loft conversion. Our customer chose a standard flat-roofed terraced conversion for this buy-to-rent property.  They added a bedroom and en-suite shower room using bathroomware from the Jon Pritchard range, and took the opportunity to refit the first floor bathroom at the same time.

Landscape orientation photograph of a small en-suite shower room. The shower cubicle is barely visible to the left, beyond it is a modern loo and to the right a full sized pedestal basin, both in white. The oblong window in the rear wall features venetian blinds. The whol room is tiled in matt grey with some large mosaic-style tiles that blend in.

Though small, this loft conversion en-suite features a good sized shower with easy-clean glass screen, modern loo and free standing basin.

A good night’s sleep

At the front of the property, two Velux windows in the bedroom have been fitted with integrated Velux blackout blinds.  This customer chose white, but the blinds are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and also popular children’s themes.

Two identical photos of a loft conversion room one above the other. In the top photo the blinds in the double Velux windows are open, in the bottom on they are closed.

Matching interior and cupboard doors in a wood finish add warmth and style. Integrated Velux blackout blinds in the double Velux windows mean a good night’s sleep in this new loft conversion


Quality and warmth

The doors for the large built-in cupboard were chosen to match the interior doors for a sense of uniformity, and to add a touch of natural texture and warm colour.

Good quality door furniture was chosen from our preferred supplier.

Triptych image, top left featuring a chrome hinge in a modern natural wood door, top right a chrome door handle on same style door, across the bottom an image of simple chrome cupboard door knobs on the same style of door.

Simple chrome fittings work well in a standard, modern loft conversion

Jon Pritchard bathroom

The small ensuite was entirely fitted from our own catalogue.  We have a wide range of bathroomware and bathroom furniture, from standard ranges to luxury styles, all at very competitive prices.

An attractive ‘Luna’ pivot door was chosen for the shower in both bathrooms, with easy clean glass.

The sanitaryware is from the ‘Tokyo’ range and includes Angelica/Alchemist soft close lids.

A simple ‘Charm’ basin mono tap keeps cleaning easy and looks good teamed with the Tokyo basin.

Landscape orientation image of bathroom basin mono tap running water just off centre to the left, facing left, with blurred white heated towel rail leading into the picture from the right.

‘Charm’ mono basin tap and ‘Tokyo’ pedestal basin combine for  simple, stylish look

Adding texture

Even in a simple loft bathroom, adding a mix of tiles in the bathroom gives it a more chic and interesting touch. Here our Gris Ceramic Matt wall tiles are combined with Gris Ceramic Mosaic Matt. For the floor Gris Ceramic Matt floor tiles were used.

Portriat orientation photo of a modern tiled shower enclosure in attractive grey 'large' mosaic matt tiles. The water is running, shower is facing right.

A slide rail shower rather than a fixed-point spray is a good choice in a household with a mix of heights and needs.

Fully integrated

The new staircase is chosen to blend seamlessly in with the rest of the house. Your new loft conversion becomes a fully integrated extra floor to your home.

Loft conversion staircase, Full size, Light grey carpet and white painted modern square spindles, handrails etc

Your new stairs are usually a continuation of the existing staircase, styled to match.

Contact Jon Pritchard today to find out how we help you to extend your home and add a bathroom without building on your garden, or breaking the bank!

We can also supply our bathroomware, whether or not you are having your loft converted. Benefit from our great products and prices – Contact us for a brochure.

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