Choose good quality hardware for your new Loft Conversion

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Thank heavens the trend for so-called ‘disposable’ items seems to be finally on the wane. Those who really care are eschewing even designer labels in favour of just well-made, durable and honest-to-goodness clothing, homewares, jewellery and more.

Well-made items are a joy to use. They feel good in our hands, and that enhances our pleasure when we use them, be it a silk tie, a le creuset cooking pot or a window latch.

A handshake

Contemporary Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa, author of the classic architectural theory book The Eyes of the Skin – Architecture and the Senses, is passionate about they way we relate to the things around us – especially architecture. He says that “The door handle is the handshake of the building”.

A flimsy, stiff and squeaky door handle on a cheap door leading to…? How much hope do we have regarding what we will find on the other side? A drab office of grey dividers, low ceilings, strip lighting…

A solid handle whose shape engages with your hand, effortlessly turning, set perfectly into a flawlessly painted panelled door, leading to…? A bright, open loft room where sunlight streams through multiple roof windows onto oak floors, the bright cushions on the chaise longue invite you …..

… or a bath from which you can watch the stars

You get the picture!

Buy once

A door handle should be a pleasure to use, and you want it to last. Buy cheap – buy twice is an old adage, and true. Instead, buy the best you can afford and it should last for years. In the long run, it saves you money as well as giving you something that brings you satisfaction and pleasure.

Photo close-up of a woman opening a slatted blind on a Velux roof window

So when you’re choosing the fixtures and fittings for your new loft conversion, or any other part of your home, take some time. If you have recommendations from trusted sources – take advice. Otherwise do your research. Is the fancy looking ‘luxury’ company with the ‘designer’ styles as good as they make out? Over the recessions of the past decade many companies started to use cheaper materials and where once you could be assured of quality, that’s not always the case any more. So find online reviews on sites like TrustPilot, and Google. Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean durable any more.

The finish is in the details

As trusted and established loft conversions specialists Jon Pritchard know that the finish is in the detail. Our customers regularly praise the finish on the lofts we convert – and we choose all our suppliers carefully to ensure the praise keeps coming!

Horizontal image of six different door knobs

A selection of the door knobs available thorough Jon Pritchard

We took months seeking a good firm to partner with for the supply of our bathroom ware. We wanted to offer a good range of quality bathroom ware and bathroom furniture to complement all styles of home. Good quality – not cheap and cheerful. After a few dead-ends, we found a great trade partner. Now nearly all of the bathroom kit we supply comes with a 25-year guarantee. That shows that the manufacturers are extremely confident about the quality of their goods, and we like that.

Whether you’re having a loft conversion completed by Jon Pritchard, or just looking for advice on choosing fixtures and fittings for your home – consider what you buy and get the best you can afford.

And if you’re improving a period home, why not buy genuine period fittings? If they’ve lasted this long, they’ll probably last another fifty years and more! Re-using is another great way to be environmentally conscious at the same time as finding something well-made for a good price. Search on Etsy or find a company who specialise in sourcing the sort of thing need. Alternatively you can find modern versions of classic styles that will fit in with the style of your home.

Make your home about you, and about things that last. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time – so isn’t it worth it?

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The feature image ‘Open The Door’ was reproduced here under Creative Commons licensing.  Image by Hernán Piñera.