Creating a family friendly loft conversion

By Jon Pritchard In Loft conversion, Home improvement 1 Comment

A loft conversion can be a great way to provide much needed extra space for that little patter of tiny feet. But if you’re aiming for a family friendly loft conversion to use as a nursery or children’s play area, there are a few things to bear in mind.


A new arrival means new ideas, but aesthetics may have to take a backseat to practicality. A good example of this would be putting a Juliet balcony on your loft conversion – they are very stylish and pretty, but not necessarily safe for toddlers.
As every parent knows, you’ll be surprised by how much stuff you need once you have a baby, and so you can never have too much storage space in your loft conversion. Furthermore furniture, decorative or technology items, such as bookshelves and televisions, will need to be adequately secured so that there is no risk of them falling. Planning ahead is always very important – if you think you may have more than one child, then consider whether your loft space is suitable for a bunk bed.


Where there’s a loft there are stairs, and stairs are one of the first things for any new family to child proof. Fitting a stair gate on your new loft conversion should be a priority once the work is completed. A wider staircase will also be helpful for carrying children’s things and furniture up and down the stairs.

The same goes for bathrooms. Your loft may not have much space, but having somewhere that you can store and lock away toiletries, cleaning products and medicines is essential if a child is going to be able to use the bathroom safely.


Windows can be a potential danger area where small children are involved. The windows in a loft are often low to the floor making them easily accessible for children. But no need to panic – it’s also simple enough to add window restrictors to your loft conversion which prevent them being pried open by inquisitive hands. To be extra safe, ensure that you don’t place any furniture too close to the windows to help your kids climb towards them. The same goes for any hanging cords. These are a big no-no as your child could become entangled in the cord.

Sound proofing

This one is for your benefit rather than the kids! If they are above you, some sound proofing will be vital. You can sound proof and insulate the room as much as possible, as well as laying thick carpets which are designed to soak up the noise created by overactive imaginations.

As your child grows up they will value having their own space. A loft conversion can be the perfect way to let your youngsters find their own identity within the family home.

If you’re thinking of having a child friendly loft conversion and want an accurate idea of exactly how much it will cost, Jon Pritchard offers a completely free, no obligation quote. Our expert team will assess your project to advise you on getting the most from your budget. So why not get in touch with us today?