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Vicky and Ryan bought their mid-terraced Victorian home in Bristol with the intention of converting the loft to create the fourth bedroom they wanted.

Having already completed a terraced loft conversion in their previous property in London, among other renovation projects, the couple knew what they were looking for in a loft conversion company. Vicky laughs when she says “The last lot in London were horrific! It was the same style of property… you learn a lot.”

An easy choice

Having seen Jon Pritchard’s signs on jobs in progress around they area, as well as hearing good things, they got in touch with the local Bristol loft conversions specialists.

“We met Jon. He’s charismatic; we liked him. He seemed to be on our wavelength.” After the meeting and receiving Jon Pritchard’s quote, Vicky and Ryan didn’t feel the need to talk to anyone else.

Clear ideas

With their previous experience, and a strong sense of space, the couple had some clear ideas about what they wanted to achieve with their terraced loft conversion.

“We wanted a full sized staircase so that the loft really felt part of the house, and as though it had always been there,” says Vicky. In addition they didn’t want the stairs to lead directly into the bedroom. “We wanted a landing area, I think that’s really important for space and balance. You need to think about the whole house if you’re making changes to a period house.”   Rather than having the dormer built across the whole rear of the roof, they worked with designer, Jason, to create a gabled roof dormer to one side, which sits over the staircase to give the stairs and landing area they wanted.

Photo showing a small landing study space in a stylish loft conversion featuring traditional staircase spindles painted white.

Adding space for a small study area on the landing makes the area useful and attractive

Vicky and Ryan chose to have a smaller en-suite in order to achieve the more spacious landing that includes a small study area. The small shower room is well-designed and beautifully fitted out, and the benefit of the landing space has definitely paid off in the overall look and feel of the loft conversion.

A small but chic loft conversion en-suite

Small, simple and beautifully fitted


The couple are full of praise for Jon Pritchard, from the beginning to end of the project, “The whole team were very willing to listen to ideas and give advice when required…. I can’t fault them – and usually I’m quite hypercritical,” Vicky admits. She says that when they’d finished she especially missed the apprentice from their team, who cleaned up beautifully every night!

“The great thing with Jon Pritchard is that you get the same team beginning to end – we really liked that. They were very respectful of us and our home – which was one thing I was worried about as I’m here every day with the children.”


A workable family space

Vicky and Ryan love their home with its extra floor. “We’re upstairs, the children have a room each and we have a guest room. It’s nice to use the whole house rather than having dead space.”

A special feature of this terraced loft conversion is the double Velux Cabrio Balcony windows in the bedroom. These let in lots of natural light, as well as giving a luxury feel to the room and the ability to enjoy the outdoors, even from the top of a city home.

A stylish designer leather and wood Eames chair with matching foot stool waits under double, open, Velux Cabrio Balcony windows. Inside there is a medium toned wood floor and white and grey walls. Outside the sky is blue.

The Velux Cabrio roof-lights-come-balconies add a sense of luxury

Asked if they had concerns about loft storage, Vicky says that the storage designed into the loft more than meets their needs. “I think with storage, you always fill it. We don’t hoard!”


Recommending Jon Pritchard

“Ade, the Operations Director, was fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble, with the whole team…. Our neighbours across the road have Jon Pritchard in now – we’ve recommended them to quite a few people.”

The couple agree that the loft conversion, which cost in the region of £40,000, was great value for money. “There’s nothing we would have done differently.”

In fact, they were considering moving onto the next project, but after thinking through the hassle and cost associated with moving and renovating again, realised they’d rather stay put and enjoy the space they have for a bit longer.

“It suddenly seemed a bit silly to have done all this work, made this beautiful space, and then move.”

View of a double bedroom in a loft conversion, showing double bed with two Velux roof windows above. The room is decorated white for the ceilings and sloped walls, grey walls and mid tone natural wood floors.

Simple tones enhance the light from Velux windows front and rear


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