The Dressing Room Loft Conversion

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More often than not, loft conversions are about creating a space that’s just a little bit special. Unlike the rest of the home, which is designed to be functional, that unused attic room presents the opportunity to get creative and transform a space that reflects your personality and allows you to indulge in your passions.

Spaces like this are ‘dream’ loft conversions because they feed the imagination and the senses in equal measure. A dream loft conversion could be centred around a particular theme: an Elvis-style jungle room anyone? Designed to house a carefully assembled collection, such as rare books or artwork for example; or it could serve as a great big chill out room full of been bags and sofas! You’re free to create a space that suits you.

In the same league as these dream loft spaces is the dedicated dressing room. Because why settle for a walk in wardrobe when you can live like Lord and Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey fame and have a space dedicated to inspiring your sartorial sensibilities.

But what does the dream loft conversion dressing room look like?

For Him

The gentleman’s dressing room is rustic, hardworking, classic and reliable, with a twist of hunting lodge style. It needs to be built to house a gamut of outdoor gear for both tarmac and tundra, in addition to all you need for a busy working life.

Featuring sturdy mahogany millwork, it is a combination of open storage and closed units, keeping formalwear away and safe from dust, while putting those standout pieces, such as limited addition trainers for example, proudly on display.

To make your life easier, clothes need to be strictly ordered by season so that when you’re in a hurry you can grab the right gear first and fast.

The same applies when it comes to shoes. Do everything you can to avoid rifling through trainers and pumps when you need sandals or flip-flops!

Throw in a chesterfield sofa, a naturally dyed Persian rug, antique lighting and a bit of retro quirkiness with vintage cycling memorabilia or mountaineering equipment, and you have the perfect backdrop for dressing in style.

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For Her

The dream dressing room for her is Parisian chic: light and airy with traditional neoclassical furniture and white gloss fixtures and fittings.

You open neatly ordered pull out draws to access that ‘to-die-for’ shoe collection, with handy boot drawers just below to help keep those autumn and winter staples dust free over the summer months.

Antique French standing mirrors ensure that you’re always looking good or if you need a 360-degree view to be doubly sure that your outfit is inch perfect, install a modern multi-facet or simple multi-angle mirror in a corner that gets plenty of natural light.

While no French-inspired loft space would arguably be complete without parquet flooring, reclaimed oak would work just as well for a more rustic yet contemporary feel.

Consider carefully what dressing table and range mirror you go for too. Organisation is the key to achieving a functional and well-designed dressing space, it is therefore paramount that there’s plenty of drawer space for all your make-up and cosmetics. In addition, an integrated storage unit for hairdryers, straighteners, and curlers will avoid unsightly cables ruining the stylish feel of your surroundings.

Everyday jewellery should be hung on an ornate jewelry tree, stand or in a pretty trinket box. Whereas those special, occasional pieces should be safely stored away in dedicated padded drawers.

Finally, create plenty of space to play dress up and get ready for that occasional girls night out! A decent sound system is also a must!

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If a whole loft dedicated to dressing up isn’t your thing and you’re the sort who likes to keep your wardrobe down to a few quality pieces, or perhaps having that much space for clothing, shoes and accessories sounds dangerous for the bank balance; sharing with a partner or making space within a converted bedroom might be a better idea.

No matter what your style you can create a loft space that will ensure you are well dressed!