Avoid Making This Games Room Mistake, Get a Loft Conversion!

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PR executive Chris Kooluris recently hit the headlines, having turned the bedroom of his small New York apartment into a retro gaming arcade. Complete with 80s classics such as Donkey Kong and Street Fighter II, video game lover Chris’ went as far as installing bubblegum dispensers and score boards for that extra level of authentic detail.

While the games room made him popular amongst his friends and colleagues, Chris’ fiancée was far less impressed and called off their engagement – hence his meteoric rise to media notoriety!

Poor, poor Chris. We at Jon Pritchard can’t help but thinking if he’d converted his loft space instead, this whole sorry situation could have been avoided and that his beloved fiancé would remain by his side to share in his love of video games.

Okay, Okay, we’ll admit Chris probably wasn’t in a position to convert his loft space to make extra room for his hobby. One-bedroom apartments aren’t known for having additional, extendable loft space, and the fact that its in New York makes these chances even slimmer. But if you live in Malmesbury or Bristol and not Manhattan or Brooklyn, you’re probably more likely to have unused attic space than the average New Yorker is! And there’s no better way to unlock the potential of your loft space than converting it into a fully-fledged games room.

Games rooms are an increasingly popular design idea for loft conversions and are a fantastic addition to the home whether you’re are a big kid, you’ve got kids, or for that big kid in your life that’s gaming mad!

And whether it’s the traditional snooker, table football, and ping pong den you’re after, or Call of Duty marathons and multiplayer FIFA football tournaments are more your thing, a loft conversion is a perfect solution for creating the ultimate games room.

Design wise, if you plan to go down the more traditional games route, you’re going to need plenty of space to perfect your cue arm, deploy that killer forehand loop, or roll out an oche perhaps. If so, dividing the room into gaming zones by placing tables at different angles is a good way to create the illusion of space. Mounting equipment on the wall or storing it in discrete cupboards is also a bonus!

Practically speaking, you’re probably going to need to make sure that your floor is properly soundproofed too. Otherwise that inevitable celebratory jig after a tense 3-dart finish will inevitably be heard throughout the whole house!

And if you cannot separate playing games from liquid refreshments, also consider having a toilet installed in order to avoid running up and down the stairs to the loo in between tournaments.

For digital gamers, sofas, superfast broadband, and access to snacks are the key to a perfect loft space. If you’re not willing to risk your Wi-Fi connection reaching up to the loft, partner with a specialist who can wire up Ethernet Internet access or design your space in such a way that will help your Wi-Fi signal stretch an extra few metres. And also remember to position sofas in a horseshoe arrangement, so that it feels spacious and inclusive, and to ensure that everyone gets a good view of the TV screen.

Relatedly, you should also consider carefully what type of windows to have installed – keep the loft light and airy but avoid that annoying glare on your TV!

For parents considering a games room, it’s worth noting that a loft conversion is a sensible choice, helping to create a clear division between playtime and family time. It’s also worth noting that there are a number of wireless cameras currently on the market, which will allow you to keep an eye on them using your smartphone or tablet, ensuring that they stay out of trouble and play fair!

Whatever your design requirements for a games room, a loft conversion is a great option because the almost limitless possibilities mean that they can accommodate a number of different needs and preferences. So do yourself a favour if you’re considering a games room, avoid making the same mistake that Chris did, get a loft conversion!